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The Friends of Winter Island (FOWI) has been organized to create a new non-profit resource to promote and guide the preservation and restoration of endangered historic resources on Winter Island. These resources include but are not limited to: historic structures such as Fort Pickering, the Winter Island Lighthouse and former Coast Guard buildings; historic landscapes such as Waikiki Beach and the former Coast Guard administrative campus; and archaeological resources both on Winter Island, and associated with the nearby Salem Harbor and Cat Cove.

The Friends of Winter Island (FOWI) anticipates working with the Mayor, City Council, Park & Recreation, and all appropriate Salem municipal preservation partners to protect this publicly owned resource in perpetuity.

Towards this end, the Friends of Winter Island (FOWI) will work to raise major funds to finance appropriate projects; will organize volunteer work parties to restore grounds and buildings; will publish a monthly newsletter to inform members and the public about preservation developments; and will undertake other activities necessary to advance the organizational goals. FOWI shall additionally endeavor to work closely with other partners, including but not limited to: the Plummer Home, the Essex National Heritage Commission (ENHC), the National Park Service (NPS), Salem State College (SSC) and the Salem Conservation Commission.

All projects shall be reviewed for compliance with the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Restoration of Historic Properties, prior to implementation.

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